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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Tapping the customer attention and promoting product /service, through conversation, sharing of content on social network is called social media marketing.
Every social network provides some tools specially designed for promotion. Ex – Facebook has Fan pages, that allow companies to promote content, create buzz, build awareness for a cause, and create support for a cause and to have their own presence felt with the fan page. The advertiser can create brand awareness to target segments through paid promotion of content on the fan page.
Why Social Media?
• Its the easiest way and most cost effective way to reach target segment.
• It can help in upgrading SEO ranking.
• Ease to advertise and create awareness.
• Help in lead generation.
• Help in getting customer insight and market research.
• Help in support and better customer service.
• Help to manage customer.
• Help in reputation management.
Suggestion for Social Strategy:
• Have a presence on all major social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube etc.
• Propagate same message across all social media.
• Post regular quality content to social media.
• Try to engage and interact with customers through questionnaires and events.
• Don’t try hard sell on social medias, it can have a negative effect.

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