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Influencer Marketing

What is an Influencer- Word of mouth is always the best marketing tool, influencers are product fans and brand advocates, who are active in social media and blogs. Their recommendation disperse fastly across all the channels, positively impact the brand image, increases website traffic and generate leads/sales.

According to a recent study done on marketers, nearly  94% responded very positibity, said influencer marketing was an effective campaign strategy.

Key benefits of influencer

  • Drive traffic

  • Give backlink and authentic content

  • Improves SEO

  • Increases follower

  • Generate leads

It is very effective in B2C as well as B2B marketing activity

Few Example-

  1. Parachute Advansed ‘Art of Oiling’ – When coconut hair oil brand Parachute Advansed rolled out its digitally-driven campaign to spread the ancient Indian art of oiling, it roped in beauty bloggers at the launch, where they were trained on the various techniques of oil massages. More than 30 influential bloggers in the beauty, health and makeup domain were invited to the launch event that included a live demonstration by the massage expert Moses Chund. These bloggers documented their experiences to further amplify digital reach of the do-it-yourself videos and oiling techniques with their relevant community

  1. Fair & Lovely ‘Confidence at work’ – Fair & Lovely, the fairness cream brand that most social media comedians love to hate for its regressive advertising that focused solely towards associating ‘fairness’ with ‘success’, took a complete U-turn in its latest campaign. Its campaign this year did not focus on fairness as a parameter of success. The brand teamed up with beauty bloggers who did not promote its skin benefits. Instead, beauty and fashion vloggerscreated videos sharing tips on communication, hair, dressing and also talked about the role of confidence at work. Fair & Lovely’s beauty brigade of bloggers are helping the brand shift its communication from superficial beauty to inner beauty.

How to execute influencer marketing ?

Select few niche segments for your product or service

  1. Influencer Persona type – Decide the kind of influencer  you want an activist, an informer, an authority, etc. to best promote your product/service

  2. Topics – Select few topics you ideal influencer talks on social media. I am working in cloud communication company , I have selected “cloud telephony” and “cloud call center” .

  3. How to use influencer– Do you want a visually driven campaign and need your influencer to be on Pinterest and Instagram ? Do you want the influencer to write about you i.e a blogger ? Do you want to amplify your tweets? Whatever reach you think is best for your brand, narrow down the channels and the number of followers on those channels.

  4. Find the influencer – There are many tools , which can help you in finding the influencer Use social monitoring tools, research has-tags, google alerts. Few well known tools are buzzSumo, buzzStream, Topsy, Klout etc

  5. Content creation by influencer – A true influencer of your product/service always be very passionate about your product or service. Your goal is to get as much content from your influencer

    • Request influencer to upload photo our video, while using your product

    • Take their feedback and quotation on your content

    • Send out free products or a free trial of your software without any sort of prior commitment from the influencer. If they like it, they might mention you or write about you, recommending the awesome product.

  6. Compensate influencerIf is necessary to compensate the influencers. It could be financial, special discount, comment on their social mention etc.


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