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Content Marketing

Content Marketing – “Content is King” – Bill Gates

Content marketing is the best marketing technique if you want to persistently generate inbound traffic.

Today the customer is much informed and do a lot of research in each state of buying journey.

Understanding the buyer persona and buyer journey is  essential for well-planned and thought out integrated marketing strategy

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing quality content to attract, inform, and engage an audience. Buyers and consumers are already searching the web for answers that your brand is uniquely positioned to offer.  It can be divided into three parts

  1. Understand buyer persona and its journey
  2. Create content for complete buying journey
  3. Distribute and promote content
  4. Buyer Persona & Content Creation -Understand the buyer persona i.e demographic, Behaviour, like -dislike, Problems etc.

Based on buyer persona create content for every stage of buyer’s journey

Buyer Persona in detail

Buyer Persona in detail

Content promotion – It is most important activity in content marketing, most of the company fail in the promotion.

There are three types of media owned, earned and paid maid. Based on your current bandwidth and budget you can choose the tools and media.

Earned Media –  As the name suggest, it is the media that you have earned (word of mouth). It could be due to fantastic content, SEO activity, better distribution or combination of any of these.

You can also facilitate earned media by helping influencers and content writers author their articles, or contributing your own content to industry publications.

Tools – Help a Reporter (HARO), PR Newswire,, Contently, Digg, Reditt

Owned Media– It is the media which is controlled by you, it can be your website content, blog post, other blogging platforms like LinkedIn pulse,

the main goal of the owned media is to continuously provide quality content to leads and nurture them to more down the funnel. This media is quite controlled, not overly promotional and it also facilitates upselling.

Tools- Buffer, LinkedIn pulse, Mail chimp(email)

Paid Media – It’s media for which you are paying it can be a campaign on social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. It can be SEM, display ads, affiliate campaign.

In B2B marketing the paid media is exhaustively used to promote the owned content like a blog, case study etc.

Apart from the social media, paid media tools are Disqus, Taboola, Skyword, and SimpleReach

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