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Number of Apps worldwide in all the app stores

Number of Apps worldwide in all the app stores

According to statistic latest data released, there are 6.5 million apps . The Google play store leads the race with 2.8 million apps. this number looks scary if you are planning to launch a new app.

These figures also indicates customer preference, mobile apps are preferred  than any other marketing channels

How to do apps marketing?

Apps marketing strategy

Strategy for apps marketing


As we think about apps marketing few things that come to our mind are Apps Ad networks, Social Ad networks,  Ad Exchanges etc. The paid campaigns definitely required when you want to scale up the campaign.

But it is always good to start from the basics, the paid campaigns are suggested after you have done with the fundamentals.

1.Is your app designed as per industry standard– Check all the basics standard of app, loading time – the time it is taking to download, Supported version, it should be backward compatible with all the required version.

Look at your targeted market mobile platform, what version of software they are using Ex- If you are targeting rural segment, the version of SDK is not updated. Make sure our apps can be installed in the lower version of SDK and it can be downloaded at low broadband.

2. Concentrate on APO (Apps store optimization) – It’s the best way to attract organic traffic. The first step in APO is creating your buyer persona and competitor analysis

  1. Understand buyer persona – In any B2C environment, customer is the main pivot before starting any campaign activity create in detail customer persona
    1. What do they like?
    2. What is their main problem?
    3. Why they should download your app, what problem your app is solving?
    4. How they will describe your app
    5. Find the search queries done by the customers for similar products
  2. Competitor Analysis – Do in detail competitor’s analysis
    1. Who all your customers?
    2. What is your competitive advantage?
    3. Which keywords they are targeting?
  3. App store optimization
    • Choose right app name – According to a research done by tune, it found that the apps having relevant keywords in their title ranked on average 10.3% higher than the apps without a keyword in title.
    • Make sure that the app makes and the title is relevant, don’t just insert too many keywords. It should have relevant name and keyword
    • In Apps store you can have 255 characters in title, in search result, it is truncated at 23rd character in app store and at 30th characters in google play. In installed apps, the titles are further truncated at 11 and 14 characters. Make sure of these things, as installation is not the only concern you have to make sure that it is continuously used by your customers.
    • Have an appealing description – Create a compelling description as per your target audience Ex- Case 1- the target audience is US middle class, Case 2 – Target audience is Indian middle class. Both the case you will write the description in English but the way you write description would completely differ in both the case.
  1. Try to focus more on the first three lines as that immediately grab the reader’s attention.
    • Create a unique appealing icon – The Icon is the first thing that impacts customer buying(download) decision.  The icons should be clear enough to convey your app message and what it is meant for.

    Every apps story has its own icon standard; Apple iOS has 1024×1024 pixels Google play store requires 512×512 pixels. All apps store clearly define the icon standard in detail, make sure that you adhere to that standard.

    1. Screenshots and Videos – Like icons, screenshots in your description may not have a direct effect on search rankings, but they do drive downloads. Images convey more about what it actually is and bring your descriptive text to life, allowing potential customers to visualize using your app before they make the download.
    2. Test all the elements – It’s the most important activity, keep your intuition at one side and test all the elements keywords,title, icon, image etc. There are many tools, which can help in testing  all element in details few are

Content Marketing – Many people just ignore content marketing in apps but it is the most powerful tool if you want to persistently increase the organic traffic.(Read More)