What should be the content flow of your webpage page?


With digital marketing, the website content and structure is a crucial element for branding and sales.

We have various marketing models but the flow and structure of main pages aren’t covered anywhere.

Recently,  I was assigned to write first level content for the website. I researched many websites, even gone through few well-established companies website. I didn’t  any order of content on a webpage.

This led me to come up with a logical order for B2B websites pages.

1. Customer Pain Point & challenge – The main pivot in B2B product/service is customer pain point, whatever your service may be if your page able to convey the pain area and the solution. It will be a converting page.
The first section of the page should be  “customer pain area/ challenges”.

Content flow diagram of a webpage

ideal content flow diagram of a webpage

2. Video – A visitor comes to the page, we have just 10-20 secs max to capture the visitor attention.Video is the best way to showcase the complete solution written in the whole page in 30-40s
There are many easy to use tools, which can help you to create a video like  Powtoon.

3. Services/ Solution – Continuing the customer pain point or first section, explain in detail all your solutions and services, How your product/service will solve the pain point/challenge.

Make sure the content is specific to your product/service, discuss with your product team or solutions and filter out the differentiating point. Try to avoid the generic content and adjectives.
This is the main section of your page, 45– 60 % of the content be for this page.

4. Case Study / Testimonial – Customer Case study and testimonial are a key factor buying process. Try to put a number on Case study and testimonial. While taking customer feedback, keep few question and ask specific number. Ex – if your solution is customer service solution, what is the improvement in customer retention, First call resolution, or any other business metrics.

5. Why your company – Competition is really tough, why anyone should choose your product/service.
Don’t go by instinct, interview few customers they will give main distinct feature and why they are choosing your product/service, not your competitor. It can be some small feature, customer service, etc.

6. FAQ – I have added this section it improve the SEO, take out 5-6 main questions which are discussed your target segment. You can find these questions from Quora, Googsuggestsest or take input from your sales/customer service team.

Finally, you can also follow to an extent while writing B2B blog.Do comment if you agree or disagree with the flow, you might have some valid point which I am missing or unaware.

Do comment if you agree or disagree with the flow, you might have some valid point which I am missing or unaware.