AIDA model and content marketing

AIDA model doesn’t need any introduction, most of the marketing graduate understand it in detail.

But we never gone in detail of AIDA model from content writing/planning prospective.

What kind of content should we create at each stage?

What should be the content topics at each stage?

Let’s deep dive and try to explore AIDA and content marketing

Awareness(Create a need) – The customer is completely ignorant about your solution, even the prospects don’t find any need for your solution. At this stage, they won’t even search for your keywords.

But the customers will always look out for usage of your solution, try to build content based on the broader use case of your solution and make target prospects aware about your solution and try to create a need for the solution.

Ex- If your product is a “cloud telephony” solution, target segment SMB’s. Target segment won’t be interested in “cloud telephony” but they are always interested to know about the service that will improve the customer service and sales performance.

Suggested topics – How to manage distributed service center, How SMB can improve business communication, Sales transformation in online education sector, How SMB can track sales persons, 5 tools that every enterprise should be using etc.

The content at this stage will make your customer aware of your solution and generate a need.

Interest (What is it?)– The customer realizes want or need for your solution. Now, he would explore the solution in detail its advantages, how it works, benefits etc. The prospects can even do a broad search for the solution.

Make sure that all the topics are present in your website and you should be ready to capture the customer’s email when they land on your website. The email will help to nurture the website visitors and convert them from a prospect to a customer.

Ex- Now customer know about cloud telephony, they will start searching for the solution. What is it? How it is different from the traditional solution?

Content topics – What is cloud telephony, Cloud telephony for small business, what are the benefits of cloud telephony etc.

Decision (Who all are using the solution?)- At this stage, interest phase to research phase and tries to understand the fundamental before making the purchase decision. They check the existing customer testimonials, thought leaders and experts opinion.

Ex- Customer would go for detailed analysis about cloud telephony, which all companies are using cloud telephony, what is the view of experts and competitors, how cloud telephony is doing other countries etc.

Content – Customer testimonialdetailed case study, Influencer and experts review

Action (Where to purchase?) – All the options are analyzed like cost-benefit analysis, product comparison etc.

Ex- Now customer is ready to buy a cloud telephony solution, they will analysis product of all solution providers.

Content –Create comparison page with all competitorsdetailed solution document with benefit analysis.

In content marketing, understanding the AIDA model and buyer persona is a building block of entire marketing activity. Discuss, brainstorm and make a detailed plan before designing a single content.

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