September 2017 - Discuss Digital Marketing

AIDA model and content marketing

AIDA model doesn’t need any introduction, most of the marketing graduate understand it in detail. But we never gone in detail of AIDA model from content writing/planning prospective. What kind of content should we create at each stage? What should be the content topics at each stage? Let’s deep dive and try to explore AIDA and content marketing Awareness(Create a need) – The customer is completely […]

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How to reach the Indian SMB Market?

“The danger sensation is exciting. The challenge is to find new dangers” – Ayrton Senna For a marketer, India SMB is a daunting and strategic challenge, with challenge comes opportunity. Indian SMB is a huge untapped and a complex market. By Stat India has nearly 20million SMB which contributes 60 % to India’s GDP(source – I worked in a SaaS based company which tried to tap this market […]

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What should be the content flow of your webpage page?

  With digital marketing, the website content and structure is a crucial element for branding and sales. We have various marketing models but the flow and structure of main pages aren’t covered anywhere. Recently,  I was assigned to write first level content for the website. I researched many websites, even gone through few well-established companies website. I didn’t  any order of content on a webpage. This led me to […]

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